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What do we do again? Let us remind you.

Have you ever enlisted help from an ad agency? If not, this is the general gist here at Ryan William’s Agency. It’s easy-peasy. Just follow the steps:

1. Can you create your own advertising? Sure, but there’s a lot to it. From concepting creative ideas that sell to negotiating rates of various mediums, even the smallest mom-and-pop shops just don’t have the time to dedicate to creating their own campaigns. Can you even name all the marketing and advertising mediums available to you, let alone generate the necessary concepts and materials? It's a big deal!

2. Now that THAT’s out of the way, what’s first? First, we will meet and learn about your business, your market, and what you hope to achieve. You will do most of the talking. We will do most of the listening - and answer your questions about process. During this meeting, you will tell us your monthly budget to help us determine the size and scope of your campaign. Our rack rate is $175/hour; if you agree to come aboard for a monthly retainer, that hourly rate is discounted.

Most of our clients are in it for the long haul and agree to monthly retainer rates ranging roughly from $1,000/month to more than $20,000/month. Following our initial meeting, we will come back to you with a proposal outlining our recommendations and spends based on your budget and needs.

3. What types of advertising are available to you? At RWA, we are a full-service agency. This means we can concept, create and place advertising for every medium, from display ads in publications to scrolling gifs on the side of your newsfeed. The nature of your business, your market and your budget will help narrow down your options.

While the following types of advertising will not all be suitable to your product or service, your options include: newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, flyers and brochures, radio, TV, videos, digital, SEO & SEM, social media, branding and business collaterals, materials for sales and training, website creation, outdoor and indoor signage, experiential advertising, tradeshow materials, and more.

4. Lastly, call. Do it! Neither advertising, in general, nor Ryan William’s Agency, specifically, are intimidating. What are you waiting for?

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