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It’s Not Rocket Science, but It’s Harder Than You Think!

Let’s talk about the science of advertising, and how it compares to other professions. Let’s consider for a moment the old proverbial adage, “It’s not rocket science.” The thing about rocket science is that, while most of us aren’t all that handy with physics, aerodynamics, and calculus, it has definable right and wrong answers. There’s no opinion about an answer derived from solving a problem using the quadratic equation, for example. It’s either right or it’s wrong.

Advertising, on the other hand, includes a layer of artistic creativity in addition to the research that backs it. We can tell a client that mailing out a single postcard or placing a magazine ad one time won’t encourage much of an uptick in sales. There are volumes of research—aka data and science—depicting the correlation between repeated messaging and rising sales. It’s why Progressive Insurance has been hammering you with Flo via TV, radio and print since she debuted in 2008.

But anyone can have an opinion about creative choice, and therein lies the rub. Tell a client that the palm tree his granddaughter drew is probably not a good idea for his new logo and you’re in for a delicate conversation at best, and a lost client at worst. We know through over 20 years of experience that here in South Florida, that logo will disappear among the sea of palm tree logos repeatedly being createdsince man first cracked open a coconut.

All of which brings us to the big takeaway: You know your business better than anyone. But we know advertising. During our initial meetings and formative months working with you, we make sure that we listen. Our Account Service team learns as much as they can about your business and your operations. Then, they translate this to the creative team so we can strategize on how to best tell your story. At some point in the client-agency relationship, the clients who realize the most success through their advertising campaigns give us their utmost trust and let us do what we do best.

What we do involves a whole heck of a lot more than it might seem. We’re good! Damn good! And we know how to show the world what you’re good at, too.

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