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With more than 100 brand deals and a $100m+ marketing budget, “Barbie” took movie promotion to a new level. This comprehensive campaign consists of many targeted efforts in niche industries. From sweet treats to various shoe collabs to Vogue Magazine, the advertising onslaught was seen by everyone. Going beyond the typical movie press and red carpets, the “Barbie'' frenzy captivated the globe. And clearly it paid off, with the movie grossing over $350 million worldwide on opening weekend. Here’s a list of our 5 favorite “Barbie” collabs:

1. Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse on Airbnb

This collab is genius - Airbnb gave away free weekend stays in a pink Malibu mansion resembling Barbie’s own home in the movie. The life-size ‘DreamHouse’ includes a pool, Barbie’s pink clothes to try on, and a few cowboy-ish touches from Ken.

2. Pinkberry’s Barbie Pink Swirl

This brand was destined to collab with “Barbie.” Pink is literally in its name. Customers could order this special, limited-time treat at the frozen yogurt shop ahead of seeing the film. If you’re curious, it’s a dragon fruit and strawberry flavor swirl topped with pink, sparkly sprinkles.

3. Collectible Barbie-Inspired Packaging for Nyx Cosmetics

Popular mid-tier makeup brand Nyx released a nine-piece “Barbie” collection. It includes a flip phone mirror, jumbo Barbie and Ken eye pencils, lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, and more.

4. Impala’s Barbie Roller Skates

These are my personal fav, as the exact product that was featured in the movie is available for purchase. These neon, eye-catching roller skates from Impala gained a lot of traction after paparazzi photos of filming went viral last summer.

5. The Viral Burger King Combo with Pink Sauce

Unfortunately only available at Burger King Brazil, this one is too good not to mention. Burger King created a “Barbie” meal that included a bacon cheeseburger topped with a mysterious pink sauce. The meal also includes fries, a strawberry shake, and pink frosted donut.

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