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Display Ads? What're Those?

While the gravity of the digital world is galactically strong, despite what the architects of retargeting ads, online influencers, rejecters of anything paper, and all whippersnappers will tell you, print is not dead. There are still daily newspapers, monthly magazines and a bazillion other kinds of handheld publications that people regularly read and, hence, you should advertise in. Do we recommend 100% of your budget go toward never-ending Sunday 4-color double trucks in the Palm Beach Post? Probably not. But at RWA, we know when you should run a display ad and we have the copywriters, designers and media buyers to get your compelling message front and center of your market. 

All You Need is ChatGPT, Right?

Even we can't deny that artificial intelligence has its place, and it's impressive to watch ChatGPT crank out reams of copy. But no, copywriting via human is here to stay, although we no longer use a quill pen and ink well. At RWA, we understand the nuances of the widget you're selling the way A.I. can't, at least yet, and we layer them into your ad copy to convey a compelling story that sells.

Buying Media
is a Skill Set

Unlike open hours on a restaurant facade and prices on the menu, at RWA, we believe that buying TV and radio airtime should not be dictated by the seller. Founder Valerie Staggs, our primary media buyer, takes the job very seriously, regularly beating up the folks who take orders for the placement of media for our clients. If you're buying Superbowl spots, like our client Jupiter Medical Center has in 2022 and 2021, chances are you've invested quite a sum in their production and don't want to be told how much it will cost and when it will air. Rest assured, your spot WILL get the best times at the lowest possible cost. They call it "negotiation" to keep it sounding civil. We call it "bullying" to get you the best slots and rates.

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